About Us

We should like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Companies as Private Detective and Security Guards functioning in the above name at the address.

Realize Security Guards, Security Supervisor, Security your constant need for efficient and alert Officers, Commandos, Gunman, Dog Squad, Octroi Controller and Toll Collector during period of unrest unexpected emergencies and normal time. We would be pleased to offer our security arrangement by providing best-trained Security Personnel to suit all your requirements.

We also provide security arrangements for daily function, exhibitions and Marriages etc.
Choosing Dakshay Private Security:

Police are excellent protectors for homes, private communities and centers. However, relying on public security may not be enough. A police officer cannot be available to guard your entire premises on a constant basis, and other calls and crimes may take precedence. This is why companies and business owners turn to private security guards to handle their security needs. A private security company can guard your premises day and night, In the event of an emergency, Our security company will ensure an immediate response. Dakshay Security is the leader in professional private security guards.

Dakshay security is ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.